MSNBC Examines Acting AG Matthew Whitaker’s Flop Sweat Press Conference

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

It’s normal to be nervous at a press conference but acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker took it to a new level and the media and Twitter noticed, asking why the acting AG was the only person in the room soaking wet with sweat. Joe Scarborough of the MSNBC show Morning Joe noticed, showing video of perspiration dripping off of Whitaker’s head as he announced that Robert Mueller had nearly wrapped up his investigation.

But people watching on television didn’t really hear what he was saying because his demeanor was so distracting. While some people on Twitter wondered if Whitaker was ill, Mediaite says that Scarborough and his co-host Mika Brzezinski were gobsmacked when watching Whitaker stumble awkwardly while a flood of moisture started running down his face off of his shaved head.


Scarborough likened Whitaker to Albert Brooks’ character in the movie Broadcast News as he goes on the air for the first time, sweating so much he soaked through his clothing. He added that from personal experience, once you start sweating on air, and realize you are “flop sweating,” it just gets worse.

“Once you know you’re sweating on TV and you tell yourself stop sweating? Guess what. It’s just like one of those showers at old Comiskey Park.”

Panelist Willie Geist reminded Scarborough that Whitaker is a big guy who goes to the gym so he might want to hold off on the teasing.

“He’s a big man that can sweat if he wants to. I’m not going to tempt fate.”

But others were not so kind, including Rachel Maddow on MSNBC who said that Whitaker looked like “a giant soup bowl of hot sweat.”

Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report suggested via Twitter that we are all lucky that the government shutdown is over because someone needs to clean up the spill.

“Thank goodness the government shutdown is over. It means the janitors are actually getting paid for mopping up all that sweat that just poured off Matthew Whitaker.”

But Whitaker has avoided public speaking after it was made public that he was under investigation for patent scams and other ethics violations says the Inquisitr.

These concerns were adding up after Donald Trump appointed him as the acting AG, and they contributed to the reasons that Whitaker was not named as the new attorney general for the administration now that Jeff Sessions is gone. For the record, the Justice Department spokesperson says that Whitaker wasn’t aware of any conflict with any of the patents.

“Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has said he was not aware of any fraudulent activity. Any stories suggesting otherwise are false.”