Bigfoot corpse for sale on eBay, bidding passes $200,000

The rubber bigfoot costume used earlier this year as evidence of bigfoot being found is up for auction on eBay, and bidding has passed $200,000.

The story of Bigfoot’s discovery made news headlines globally in August. Former police officer Matt Whitton and his friend, Rick Dyer, with the support of Bay Area Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi published a photo that allegedly showed Bigfoot in an icebox, complete with animal parts. The hoax didn’t stop there however, with Biscardi holding a media conference a week later, claiming that the first tests were inconclusive. The hoax was only discovered when independent testing found that the alleged body was nothing more than a Halloween costume.

The current owner of the “corpse,” William Lett, came into possession of the costume after lending Biscardi $50,000 to purchase it from the two who originally claimed to have found it.

The sale is being pitched as historic, and part proceeds from the sale will go to the Hoax Information Center.

You can follow the auction here.