Chris Christie Downs Tequila On ‘Colbert’ Before Saying He Would Have Been A Better President Than Trump

Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey and one-time member of Donald Trump’s transition team, has opened up on the events that led to him leaving the Trump camp during a searingly honest interview on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Christie, who downed shots of tequila with the host during the interview, was promoting his new book, Let Me Finish and at one point boasted to Colbert that he would have made a better President, according to the Daily Mail.

Christie was one of the first Presidential candidates to drop out of the Republican primaries and endorse Donald Trump’s campaign. Colbert asked him directly if he would have made a better president than Trump and Christie responded with a simple, “yes.”

The host continued by saying it appeared to people on the outside that Trump would throw anyone under the bus to get what he wanted. “You think I don’t know?” Christie responded to much laughter from the studio audience. “I got fired from the transition.”

Despite the obvious acrimony between the two, it appears that Christie does still have the ear of the president. He told Colbert that he had discussed the recent government shutdown with the president in his White House residence. Christie claims that he urged Trump not to proceed with the shutdown unless he had a clear strategy to end it.

“The president blew it,” Christie explained. “‘I said this to him, like, listen, if you’re going to do this, you better have an exit plan because sometimes in politics, things don’t go the way you expect. And so if it doesn’t go well in the first couple of days, you gotta have a way to get it back open.”

“I just said to him, ‘It’s okay. It’s a power you have and if you want to do it but you have to have a plan so you accomplish something by it and then reopen it.’ And I don’t think, given that it went 35 days, we had a plan.”

Despite their difference, Christie insisted he still didn’t regret backing Trump during the presidential elections. When asked about this, he poured a new shot of tequila and downed it before saying, “I made a decision at the time that he was going to win the nomination after I dropped out, and that I preferred him to Hillary Clinton.”

“And that’s why I made the decision. It wasn’t a whole lot more complicated than that. And I still agree with what his policies are, more than I agree with Hillary Clinton’s.”

When Colbert told Christie that the tequila they were drinking was Casamigos, George Clooney’s ‘liberal’ tequila brand, Christie’s reaction was to say “I’ll tell you something, if it gets me loaded, I don’t care. Liberal, conservative, who cares.”

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