Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 5: Colton Underwood Faces New Conflict Among His Women & Makes A Bold Move

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Colton Underwood has already had to navigate some dramatic conflicts among his bachelorettes and Bachelor spoilers tease that there is another challenge coming in Episode 5. Viewers have seen some of the seemingly drama-centric ladies get eliminated thanks to their role in the chaos, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more chaos yet to come. All signs point toward Underwood feeling fed up and ready to go big when faced with this next bit of backbiting.

The preview shared by ABC shows that Episode 5 will focus, in part, on bachelorettes Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Onyeka Ehie. As the Inquisitr has previously shared, Onyeka and Nicole are said to end up on the group date during this February 4 show.

Underwood and the ladies on this group date will face a challenging hike through a Thai jungle with a survival expert, notes ABC. The hiking part of the date seems to rattle some of the ladies, and things will get heated at the evening after party.

Viewers will see Onyeka allege that Nicole isn’t pursuing Colton for the right reasons, and Bachelor spoilers hint that Nicole won’t take this well. In addition, Onyeka will take her concerns to Colton, and fans know how well that approach usually works.

By the looks of the preview, the ladies will get feisty within the group as Nicole and Onyeka butt heads and this battle carries over into the cocktail party and subsequent rose ceremony. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Colton faces a few different instances of tense conversations and difficult decisions throughout his time in Thailand, but it looks like this incident involving Ehie and Lopez-Alvar may really push his buttons.

“The cocktail party drama leaves Colton confused and upset, as the ongoing war between Onyeka and Nicole reaches new heights resulting in a boisterous face-off that envelops everyone.”

Underwood reportedly tries to smooth things over between Onyeka and Nicole himself, but it doesn’t work. After that, he does something unexpected that sparks panic in the rest of the group. Just what does he do? Based on Bachelor spoilers previously detailed by gossip king Reality Steve, Colton eliminates both Nicole and Onyeka during this next rose ceremony.

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Will sending both Onyeka Ehie and Nicole Lopez-Alvar home send the right message to the rest of the ladies? The Bachelor spoilers reveal that there are other dramatic moments on the way during other parts of Episode 5 and the remaining bachelorettes may not know what to think of Colton and the rest of their journey after all of this plays out.

Things are definitely getting intense for Colton Underwood and his bachelorettes and viewers can’t stop buzzing about this season. Episode 5 of ABC’s The Bachelor airs on Monday, February 4 and everybody should brace themselves for a lot of drama throughout this one.