Colton Underwood Is ‘Not A Virgin’ Said Jimmy Kimmel On ‘Ellen’ And This Is Why

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t believe that The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood is a virgin for one good reason. He told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres he believes it all has to do with Underwood not disappointing his mother, quipped the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show host.

Kimmel made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the two found themselves in a deep discussion about The Bachelor. It was then that Kimmel revealed why he thinks Underwood said he was a virgin when he signed up for the show.

It all began when Kimmel asked DeGeneres if she believed that Underwood was a virgin, a hot-button topic and the whole undercurrent storyline of Season 23 of the ABC reality dating series.

“Well, he says he is,” answered DeGeneres. “I know he does, I used to tell my mother that too,” Kimmel responded, per a story published by E! Entertainment.

Kimmel watches The Bachelor with his wife Molly McNeary, and the two are very invested in just whom they believe Underwood will pick at the end of the season, but the underlying premise of The Bachelor’s alleged virginity still weighs heavily on Kimmel’s mind.

“I think maybe that’s the deal, is that maybe he doesn’t want his mom to know that he’s been…you know. I mean, if I were to announce, like, ‘Hey, I just want everyone to know, I’m an adult virgin.’ People would say, ‘Yeah, that makes sense.'” quipped the late-night host of his looks.

DeGeneres then showed a photo of Underwood on the screen behind her, and Kimmel said it was “impossible” the handsome Underwood was a virgin. Kimmel then told DeGeneres that he asked if Underwood would take a polygraph test to prove he was a virgin. Kimmel revealed, “they said no.”

DeGeneres then expressed her view about Underwood’s virginity, which that it could be a way to get more girls.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Kimmel, who regularly is spot-on with his picks for the winner each season, revealed in January whom he believes will be in the final four and who will eventually win the season and Underwood’s heart.

Kimmel has predicted the winner correctly for the past several seasons of the long-running reality series and for the 23rd installment of the franchise, he believes Underwood will choose Cassie Randolph, Katie Morton, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Hannah Godwin.

For the winner of Season 23, Kimmel thinks it will be Cassie Randolph, joking to his studio audience, “I just saved you 11 weeks of your lives.”

Jimmy Kimmel hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which airs weeknight evenings on ABC.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.

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