‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday: Sam Tells Jason They Need To Split, Is It Really Over Again Already?

Craig SjodinABC

Fans of Jason and Sam as a couple rejoiced last week when the two finally made love again after years of separation. General Hospital spoilers hint that the two will be facing a new test to their relationship already and that kicked into gear at the end of Monday’s show. Are the two going to split already? Luckily, it looks like the answer is no, but they may try to make it look as if they did.

During Monday’s episode, Sam got valuable information from Spinelli and quickly went off to confront Shiloh and his group about their antics. As viewers saw on Monday, Daisy quickly admitted she had been responsible for everything, and she swore that she meant well and that Shiloh knew nothing about it.

As Sam left, Shiloh gave her his phone number and there was definitely a “moment” of sorts as he handed it to her and touched her hand. Sam paused for a moment as she left, and by the time she got home to Jason, she was ready to make a declaration about how they had to break up.

Jason will surely be caught off guard by this, as the two had finally opened up and found their way back to one another. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that Sam will not waste time explaining what she means.

From the sounds of things, Sam will think that the best approach to figuring out the truth about Shiloh is for her to play nice with him instead of being visibly skeptical of him and his intentions. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central share that Sam will put together a plan and course of action, and the buzz is that remaining seemingly single will be essential to making it all work.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, General Hospital spoilers for the February sweeps detail that Jason and Sam will remain a couple, but they will do their best to keep it quiet. She Knows Soaps hints that Sam and Shiloh will meet during the Monday, February 4, show, and it seems likely she will play into what seems to be an interest in her on his part. Despite his proclamations, Sam remains certain that Shiloh has ill intentions and she’s not giving up until she figures out the truth.

As Sam moves forward on this plan, General Hospital spoilers note that she will try to continue to spend time with Jason romantically. However, sneaking around and trying to keep too many others from knowing they’re together may well put them both into a dangerous predicament.

Could Shiloh or something else drive a wedge between Jason and Sam just as they have finally reunited? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are some complicated twists and turns coming as this storyline moves forward, but teasers suggest that Sam and Jason will successfully manage to weather the upcoming obstacles together.