Singer Kelsy Karter Goes Viral After Getting Harry Styles Face Tattoo

It may not be difficult to believe that celebrities get all sorts of gifts on their birthdays — from friends, colleagues, and even fans. Certain gifts, however, leave a lasting impression.

New Zealand singer Kelsy Karter recently decided to give Harry Styles a birthday “gift” that he will certainly remember, should he find out — she tattooed his face on her cheek.

Per an article by the Daily Mail, the 24-year-old singer got Harry’s face inked on her cheek because “she is desperate” to perform with the singer for his new album. In early January, the singer announced — via her Twitter feed –that she would surprise Harry with something special.

At the time, her tweet went viral. While some followers made guesses regarding the gift, others told her to get him a “birthday card like everyone else.”

As the article detailed, it isn’t clear if Harry already knows Karter, but it seems that the current move — one which has been covered by major publications and entertainment websites across the globe — will bring it to his attention. The singer posted the picture of her tattooed cheek on her official Instagram account, as well as to her Twitter feed. She also tagged her L.A.-based tattoo artist, Romeo Lacoste.

This was, perhaps, the first tweet from the singer which got widely retweeted. According to some followers who reacted to the picture, the artist will now be widely recognized — even by those who didn’t previously know her. Thus, the tattoo has become her claim to fame.

While some people appreciated the move, the face tattoo didn’t settle well with critics, who called it an “extreme measure.” Fans of Harry Styles also posted replies — with some saying that while they are die-hard fans of Harry, they would never get a face tattoo. One Twitter user called it “next level crackheadery.”

Many people also felt sad for the singer because, according to them, it was a poorly-made tattoo — one which didn’t even look like Harry. One user also warned Karter that she will regret the decision.

Karter also tagged Harry in the tweet, but it didn’t immediately draw a response from him. Many users also expressed their concern that if Harry doesn’t react to the tattoo, it may be depressing for Karter.

Harry Styles will be turning 25 on February 1. He was formerly associated with the famous band One Direction, a group which went into an indefinite hiatus in 2016. After that, the singer went solo — and has since produced the hit single “Sign of the Times,” which earned him a Brit Award.

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