'Celebrity Big Brother:' Tamar Braxton Breaks Down During HOH Competition

Sunday night's episode of Celebrity Big Brother saw a new Head of Household competition where the houseguests participated in a classic endurance challenge. The celebrities were placed on small platforms several feet off the ground and had to hold on to bars while having hazards thrown at and dumped on them. Whoever lasted the longest without falling off would be crowned the new HOH. Kato Kaelin ultimately won the competition, but it wasn't his victory that had fans talking on Twitter.

Tamar Braxton was on the verge of a panic attack right before she fell off the platform. The reality star admitted she had a fear of heights and began crying because she was scared to fall down. The singer eventually fell off the platform and was hanging by her hands and began screaming while some of the onlooking houseguests laughed. She eventually dropped to the ground, and Tom Green started applauding. Despite freaking out on the wall, Tamar lasted almost an hour according to Big Brother Daily and hung on longer than Tom, Ricky Williams, and Kandi Burruss. Dina Lohan, Lolo Jones, Joey Lawrence, and Natalie Eva Marie followed subsequently.

Kandi tried to encourage Tamar during her panic by offering advice on how to fall off the platform, but as soon as it cut to Kandi's diary footage, she was everything other than supportive. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star joked that Tamar was only a few feet off the ground and compared her to someone freaking out about not being able to swim when they're standing in shallow water.

Later in the episode, Tamar got into a very heated argument with Lolo which caused the singer to threaten to leave the house when talking to Tom. The women eventually talked out their issues and apologized to one another about their blowout. Tamar has also been working on her relationship with Kandi.

Unfortunately for Tamar, it wasn't long before she was put on the block by Kato next to Dina Lohan. Kato explained he nominated Tamar because she had said she wanted to go home several times, which she later denied. He also made a comment saying she didn't help clean in the house and they were all supposed to be a team.

Monday night will have a live Power of Veto competition followed by a Veto ceremony where Tamar has a chance of winning and pulling herself off the block. A live eviction will follow immediately after.

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs Monday night at 9 p.m. EST.