'The President And Many Of His Associates Are Sociopaths,' Says California Democrat

In an interview broadcast Sunday, Democratic Congressman Mark DeSaulnier viciously attacked Donald Trump and his associates, describing them as sociopaths, Raw Story reports.

The topic of DeSaulnier's conversation with MSNBC host Alex Witt was Donald Trump's decision to shut the government down in an effort to get funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, Trump's decision to shut and then reopen the government after failing to reach a compromise has been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats.

Right wing media personalities and journalists are calling the president out for caving and letting Nancy Pelosi get the upper hand, while members of the Democratic Party continue to slam Trump for shutting the government down in the first place, and leaving some 800,000 federal workers without pay in what was the longest and most expensive government shutdown in United States history.

The ruling and the opposition party now have three weeks to find a compromise. Unless they do so, Trump will declare a national emergency.

But according to Democratic Congressman Mark DeSaulnier, Donald Trump's willingness to shut the government down in the first place demonstrates that he is, in fact, a sociopath. Trump and some of his associates are not only sociopaths, according to the California Democrat, but also "pathological liars" with a "sense of grandiosity."

"I've got to say that after this last [shutdown], the president and many of his associates are sociopaths," DeSaulnier said.

"Sociopaths don't have any empathy for the cruelty that that they impose on other people. They are pathological liars, clinically. And they have a great sense of grandiosity."
"That fits exactly what I've seen the president do during this shutdown," DeSaulnier concluded.

DeSaulnier added that he is not opposed to border security, but said that he prefers that experts evaluate the situation and determine whether physical barriers are needed, and if yes where. According to the California Democrat, a narrative meant to drive Americans apart has been created by individuals like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, known to be immigration hardliners.

"What has happened is we have created this political narrative, developed by Mr. Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller and the White House, to just drive Americans apart," he explained.

Steve Bannon is no longer part of the administration, but Stephen Miller is. Known for being tough on immigration, Miller is thought to be the architect of Donald Trump's immigration policy. It therefore comes as no surprise that Miller was one of the first administration officials to publicly suggest shutting the government down.

Last December, as reported by the Guardian, Miller vowed that the administration is willing to do "whatever is necessary" to get the border wall built.