Miami Marlins Owner Allegedly Told Jose Reyes To Buy House Days Before Trade

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria might be not a particularly popular guy around baseball communities these days. After dumping almost all of the acquisitions he made during the 2012 off-season as well as firing the manager he employed for exactly one year, Loria has signaled that the Marlins are in full on rebuild mode.

Loria’s alleged conversation with star shortstop Jose Reyes days before he was traded is driving the vitriol these days. Reyes talked to Yahoo Sports and other media outlets about those conversations with Loria on Friday.

Reyes is now in Spring Training with his new team, the Toronto Bluejays. Reyes recalls being told to get a house in South Florida saying:

“He always told me he was never gonna trade me. He told my agent, ‘Get a place here to live.’ Before he traded me, days before the trade.”

The Marlins owner made the 2011 batting champion feel like he had found a home. Reyes says that he went on vacation with his wife shortly after the house conversation. When Reyes returned home, he was informed he had been traded.

Needless to say, this whole fiasco has taught Reyes something about life in Major League Baseball. There is always a chance that you are going to be playing with a team that is different you played with the day before.

Reyes told the New York Times that he hoped to serve out the rest of his five year contract with the Bluejays. He also said he isn’t playing on buying a house in Toronto.

Can Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria be trusted at all at this point? Some fans may think it is pretty clear that Loria will say and do just about whatever he wants to any of the players. If such a perception is accurate, it might not bode well for those hoping the Marlins are going to be good anytime soon.

What do you think about the Miami Marlins recent changes and the Jose Reyes trade?