‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robert Scorpio Concludes That Kevin Collins Had ‘A Secret Life’

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Robert Scorpio is back on General Hospital to help solve the mystery of why Anna Devane lost her sight that was caused by a strange virus. Now Ryan, or Kevin as everyone knows him by, has the same virus that caused the blindness. Robert just told Anna and Finn on Friday that the psychiatrist lied that he was never involved with Cabot. However, his name popped up in a WSB file and now Robert is getting quite suspicious.

The week of January 28 will prove to be full of Ryan scrambling to clean up the mess that left the PCPD with some evidence when he attacked Lulu. Not only does he have them honing in on the serial killer’s identity, but now Robert, Anna, and Finn are in his face about Kevin’s past. According to a preview clip on the General Hospital site, the threesome head to Ryan’s room to find out why he lied to them.

Unfortunately, he isn’t there. Little do they know that he is missing because he is trying to smother Lulu with a pillow, as seen in the previews for Monday’s episode. It’s likely that he is stopped before he could finish the job by someone. Ryan suddenly appears not knowing that he would be ambushed in his hospital room. In fact, he looks a bit distracted and flustered. He is definitely not happy to see them in his space. He really looked quite shocked when Anna asked him why he would lie about knowing Dr. Cabot.

Before Ryan showed up, Robert told Anna and Finn that he concludes from the lie he told that Kevin Collins had a secret life. If only he knew! Ryan will no doubt come up with some type of explanation as to why he told them he had never met Cabot. Everything seems to be unraveling for Kevin’s twin. How long before someone figures it all out?

Not only does Ryan have to worry about whether Lulu will remember that he is the one who tried to kill her, but now he has these three on his tail. You know that Robert Scorpio isn’t going to let this go. He is way too clever to be fooled for too long by this guy.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that next week Jordan will seek out “Kevin” once again to see if he can help them out on the serial killer’s mindset. He knows all about how his mind works and is not shy about detailing his insights to her.

Despite Jordan and Curtis doing their bet to solve the crimes, Robert Scorpio may just be the one who eventually breaks the case of the Port Charles murders. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.