World’s Largest Private Yacht Makes Mysterious Appearance In New York [Video]

The world’s largest privately owned yacht docked in New York earlier this week to the stunned stares of surprised onlookers. Their reaction is understandable given the monstrous length of the roughly $1 billion vessel.

Why the private yacht, known as Eclipse, arrived in New York on Wednesday remains a mystery. Its owner is notoriously private and typically avoids media attention. His floating fortress can usually be found secured in locations such as Monaco, St. Bart’s, Cannes, or Portfino.

According to The Daily Mail, the sight of Eclipse docked in the harbor near midtown Manhattan has sparked curiosity. The elusive owner, Russian billionaire businessman Roman Abramovich, has not commented as to the reasons behind the visit.

Dock workers and officials have reportedly confirmed that the world’s largest private yacht is scheduled to remain in the area until the middle of April. There is speculation that Abramovich may be temporarily residing on Eclipse, favoring its security over that of public accommodations.

An article by NBC News writes that Roman Abramovich may be visiting New York in the company of his partner Dasha Zhukova. The couple have announced that Zhukova is pregnant with an expected due date this spring.

Eclipse reportedly employs a crew in excess of 60 people and is protected by a bevy of security cameras and sensors. The yacht also sports 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, two helicopter pads, and its own mini-submarine.

Watch the video below for New York Harbor’s camera footage of Eclipse as it docks:

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