‘The Challenge’ Star Paulie Calafiore Calls Out ‘Old’ Cast Members Who ‘Can’t Perform Anymore’


There definitely have been some drama-starters on MTV’s The Challenge franchise in the last several years, but newcomer Paulie Calafiore might take the cake. The Big Brother alum appeared on his first Challenge with last season’s Final Reckoning and even made it to the final. He gathered some vendettas along the way and has been playing the game on social media more than he ever did during filming.

Paulie has not been shy about slamming fellow competitors on Twitter and often chooses the anonymous route when identifying who he’s projecting on. That’s the case this time around, as the reality star posted a new tweet calling out some Challenge cast members. Paulie drew a parallel between old Challenge stars and Tom Brady who recently led his team to victory in the AFC Championship.

“Dear old a** challengers who can’t perform anymore. Take note from Tom Brady….. who can still perform,” Paulie tweeted.

The Big Brother star paired the tweet with a video where he further explained his comment.

“So, I just want to, uh, bring light to this, uh, Patriots game against the Chiefs cause there’s a lot that can be learned from Tom Brady in like an actual athletic setting. The reason why nobody comes for him is cause he’s… at his age he still performs which is, uh, way more than I can say about any Challenger at their age. Take note,” he said with a wink.

Naturally, this didn’t sit well with some Challenge stars or longtime fans of the series.

“From the guy who was eliminated multiple times this past season,” one viewer commented

Veteran Marie Roda tweeted out “You’re embarrassing the franchise,” shortly after Paulie posted his video, which Johnny Bananas later retweeted.

There are only a few older Challenge contenders these days that Paulie could have been referencing in his video. Johnny Bananas is the longest tenured player on the franchise, with several final wins under his belt. Johnny and Paulie have gone head-to-head in Twitter feuds before with the former nicknaming the latter “Paulie Pocket” recently. Chris “CT” Tamburello is another longtime Challenge contender, but normally stays out of all social media drama and is likely not Paulie’s most recent target.

Paulie will return in War of the Worlds next month in his second season alongside Cara Maria Sorbello. The two were romantically linked before a very public breakup in December. The upcoming season is set to document their relationship before things took a turn for the worse after filming wrapped.

Check out all the upcoming drama on The Challenge: War of the Worlds when it debuts on February 6 on MTV.