Donald Trump Jr The Next Target For Indictment By Robert Mueller After Stone Arrest, Legal Expert Says

Shannon FinneyGetty Images

Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner appear to be in danger of being indicted next after Robert Mueller’s investigation nabbed longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone, a legal expert said.

In the pre-dawn hours on Friday, FBI agents raided Stone’s home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. As CNN reported, he is charged with obstruction, making false statement, and witness tampering. He made an appearance in court later on Friday before being released on $250,000 bond.

He is now the sixth person closely connected to Donald Trump’s campaign to be arrested as part of the Russia probe, and some legal experts believe that some of the biggest ones are now on the way. That includes Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., who supposedly engineered the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting in 2016 in which he and other top members of the Trump campaign met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton that had been allegedly stolen by Russian hackers.

Keith Boykin, a legal analyst for CNN and former White House aide, said on Friday that Roger Stone’s arrest shows that Robert Mueller is “methodically working his way to the top” by making smaller arrests first. Other legal experts have said that this was Mueller’s style while he was head of the FBI and leading other large investigations, using lower-level members of a criminal conspiracy to flip and offer information on larger targets.

As Boykin said, it’s likely that Donald Trump Jr. is one of those larger targets.

There have been reports for several weeks that Donald Trump Jr.’s arrest may be imminent, likely for lying to Congress about the Trump Tower meeting and of Donald Trump’s knowledge of it. In November, Politico reported that Trump Jr. was telling close friends that he expected to be indicted imminently.

“Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., who served as a key campaign surrogate for Republican candidates, has told friends in recent weeks that he believes he could be indicted, according to one of those people,” the report noted.

Though Trump Jr. reportedly told investigators he did not tell his father about the Trump Tower meeting, reports claimed Robert Mueller’s team has evidence that he did, NY Magazine reported.

Others have hinted that Donald Trump Jr. would likely be a top-level target for Mueller, given his high-profile role in the campaign and with setting up the controversial meeting with Russia. So far, the tight-lipped leaders of the Russia investigation have given no hint of who could be the next target.