Christopher Dorner’s Autopsy Suggests Suicide

Christopher Dorner’s autopsy results suggest that the ex-cop and alleged killer committed suicide before the cabin he was barricaded in caught fire.

Authorities reported hearing a single gunshot as they were pumping tear gas in to a mountain cabin where Dorner was cornered during his deadly gun battle with sheriff’s deputies.

Now, San Bernadino County sheriff’s Captain Sheriff John McMahon has reported that it appears Dorner’s gunshot wound was self-inflicted, according to USA Today.

During the final shootout between the ex-LAPD officer and sheriff’s deputies, Dorner killed one officer and wounded another. Officials were initially unsure if Dorner killed himself, was struck by a deputy’s bullet, or died in the fire that burned the cabin to the ground.

Along with releasing their autopsy on Christopher Dorner, officials also announced that the fugitive hid in a condo across from the police command post near Big Bear Lake for days.

Yahoo! News reports that the search for Dorner began last week after a manifesto he posted online connected him with the murders of a former LAPD captain’s daughter and her fiance on February 3. He is believed to have killed four people in total, including two police officers.

After killing one police officer, he disappeared into the San Bernadino National Forest. He eluded the massive manhunt for him until the owners of the condo he hid in appeared. He tied them up and fled, stealing their car. One of them escaped and called 911. Shortly after, police were able to corner the ex-cop in the cabin where he eventually died.

Are you surprised to hear Christopher Dorner’s autopsy suggests he committed suicide?

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