Joaquin Phoenix ‘Drowns’ In PETA Ad

Regardless of what people may or may not think about Joaquin Phoenix, no one can deny him of being a passionate person. For years Joaquin Phoenix has been an advocate for animal rights through campaigning with PETA.

Not only has Phoenix spoken out about PETA and the dangers concerning the extermination of animals, but he’s been featured in many viral campaigns over the years. This year is no different. Instead of campaigning for the Oscar for The Master, Phoenix decided to lend his talents to yet another PETA ad that shows him drowning.

In the intense ad Joaquin is seen underwater, the mood of the PSA shifts as the viewer is subjected to seeing Phoenix slowly panic and struggle to breathe before he drowns. Clearly drawing from an experience an animal goes through, this PETA ad of Phoenix drowning is making a very bold statement.

Specifically the ad has been described as: “The terror fish experience in the last moment of their lives,” by PETA. During the narration which Phoenix voices, the actor points out, “It’s slow and painful and frightening. Put yourself in their place. Try to relate. Go vegan.”

The shocking drowning ad was shot by famous Hollywood photographer Michael Muller. According to a PETA release, the organization wanted to go a step further into the mainstream:

“The organization wanted to air the ad during the Academy Awards – since Phoenix is nominated this year for his role in “The Master” – but they were rejected by ABC for being “too political and controversial.”

What are your thoughts on Joaquin Phoenix’s potentially controversial PETA ad? Is it unsettling to watch the actor drown?

Check out the PSA below: