Latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Hints At Potential Selling Feature For Cryptocurrency Investors

With the Samsung Galaxy S10’s expected February 20 launch date growing closer, more and more details regarding the flagship phone appear to be emerging ahead of its arrival. While last week’s leaks mostly focused on a number of familiar features hinted at in past reports, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, the latest leaks seem to be teasing a potential selling point, particularly for those who invest in Bitcoin and other similar forms of currency.

The newly leaked Galaxy S10 images were first posted on Twitter by known mobile insider Ben Geskin and suggest that the next-generation flagship handset will come with a cryptocurrency service that can be accessed through Samsung’s Blockchain KeyStore app. SamMobile, which reported on the leaks on Wednesday, stressed that this wasn’t the first time such a feature was rumored, as the publication had “exclusively” reported last month that the service would be making its way to the S10. However, these fresh leaks didn’t just back up the earlier report but also offered some specifics on the service.

On top of SamMobile’s claim from last month that the cryptocurrency service will be divided into “cold” and crypto wallets, the publication specified that there will be several forms of currency supported by the feature. While Ethereum is already listed as one of the supported currencies, SamMobile wrote that there will also be support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum-derived token ERC20 once the service is ready for launch.

Additionally, SamMobile explained that the BlockChain KeyStore will have a “relevant menu item” under Settings that allows users to conveniently manage their blockchain private key.

Beyond the supposed confirmation of a cryptocurrency service, the Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks also represented the “clearest live shots” of the device. According to SamMobile, the photos suggest that the Galaxy S10 will, just as previously rumored, have “minimal” front bezels, giving it a potentially clean, almost edge-to-edge design. It was also noted that the phone featured in the leaked images was a standard S10 and not the larger S10 Plus, due to its single front camera setup.

As stressed by Engadget, it wasn’t expressly stated whether the cryptocurrency wallet will be available to Galaxy S10 buyers from the moment the phone gets released, or whether the feature will be available for everyone, or only for consumers from select parts of the world. However, the tech news site predicted that Samsung will at least mention the BlockChain KeyStore in passing, assuming it’s ready in time for the Galaxy S10’s launch date next month.

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