‘The Masked Singer’: Fans Hoping The Poodle Is A Familiar Face

The Masked Singer fans have come up with some very interesting and even hilarious, guesses about who the performances behind the masks may be. However, one guess for the poodle has fans returning each week to see if it could be possible.

According to a report by Country Living, viewers of The Masked Singer are secretly hoping that the person behind the poodle mask may be none other than the iconic TV law enforcer, Judge Judy.

In the poodle’s clue package she reveals that her whole career has been about “exercising” the “right to free speech,” which made some fans think that Judge Judy is avid about her diet and health and works in a place where people tell her their issues and she makes a ruling. She later stated that she is “here” for “your honor,” further fueling rumors that it could be the famous TV judge.

The performer also used the words “stand up,” and some fans put the connection together that those in the courtroom are supposed to stand up for the judge as they enter the room.

However, the poodle also revealed that she hails from San Francisco, and while Judy films her daytime court show in Los Angeles, California, she actually lives in New York.

Mental Floss reports that Judy actually flies from New York to California every Monday and spends a few says there hearing cases before returning home to NYC for the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, Good Housekeeping reports that other viewers believe that they’ve chosen a better guess as to the identity of the poodle on the show, revealing that they think it’s stand up comedian, Margaret Cho, who is behind the mask.

The comedian has been known to speak out about LGTBQ rights and is a stand-up comedian from San Fransico. She has also tried her hand at singing in the past, which makes many fans believe that she is a much better guess to be the poodle on the series.

Meanwhile, other stars who are rumored to be behind masks such as a raven, rabbit, alien, bee, monster, unicorn, and more have been speculated as stars such as Denise Richards, Rumer Willis, Tori Spelling, Tiger Woods, Donny Osmond, Ricki Lake, Joey Fatone, Gucci Mane, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and many more.

Three stars have already been unmasked, including NFL star Antonio Brown, actor Tommy Chong, and NFL icon, Terry Bradshaw.

Fans can see more of the poodle when The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights on FOX.

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