‘Dog’ & Beth Chapman’s Iconic Hawaii Bail Bonds Office To Close At The End Of The Month

Christopher Polk Getty Images

Da Kine Bail Bonds — the iconic Honolulu storefront where Duane “Dog” Chapman and his wife, Beth Chapman, rose to fame — will close at the end of the month. A spokesperson for the family released a statement saying that the building — which is still used as an office, but now also serves as a tourist destination and a souvenir shop for fans of the bounty hunter and his wife — will be demolished following orders by the building’s new owners.

“We have a lot of history at this building. We became famous while at this building, but it’s just a building. We will find another place to set up shop and make more memories,” Beth Chapman said in a released statement, as the Honolulu Star Adviser reported.

The building, which was featured on Dog The Bounty Hunter and Dog and Beth: On The Hunt, holds a special place for the Chapman family. Both Dog and Beth will visit the location, and will remain on site Saturday to sign books and to take pictures with fans. Beforehand, the storefront will shut down — and an auction will begin. There, they will sell off office furniture, memorabilia from the shows, and some cars that are on location.

“Moving is tough, but we’ve got a bigger battle on our hands right now and need to take care of Beth. But we’re also looking forward to our new show — we’re excited about it, and something positive is what we need right now,” Duane Chapman added to the statement.

As the Inquistr previously reported, Dog and Beth have arrived in Hawaii for this event. Beth recently shared a selfie to her Instagram account, one featuring an update on her life following her first chemotherapy treatment. Following her grim, terminal diagnosis when her throat cancer returned last year, fans of the reality starlet have been eager to hear some good news from the Chapman family. It was previously reported that Beth had been planning her own funeral to take the load off of her husband, also per the Inquisitr.

In this most recent photo, Beth showed off her platinum locks, and added the hashtags, “stay humble pray,” and “it’s only hair.” While the duo are excited to start taping their new show for WGN, Dog’s Most Wanted, Beth also started chemo. This news comes after Beth had stated that she was seeking help via over the counter medications and alternative treatments. A lawyer for the family, Andrew Brettler, released a statement saying that Beth has remained positive throughout the heartbreaking ordeal.

“Beth started chemo for throat cancer last month. The treatments are in L.A. They are going well, but they certainly take their toll on her. The Chapmans have a lot on their plate right now. They just started filming for the new WGN show while Beth’s been going through treatment. Hasn’t been easy but they are keeping a great outlook and Beth is one of the strongest women I know,” Brettler said.