Drake Unfollows The Weeknd On Instagram, Starts Following Soulja Boy Instead

It seems that regardless of the true meaning of a specific line in one of The Weeknd’s new songs, Drake has decided that it is definitely about him.

Earlier in January, The Weeknd released a song that many believed aimed a pointed dis at Drake. The Weeknd’s track, “Lost In The Fire,” contains the lines “And I just want a baby with the right one; (I just want a baby with the right); ‘Cause I could never be the one to hide one; (I could never be the one to hide).” The line is thought to be a reference to the 2018 discovery that Drake has a secret child.

Feuds these days tend to consist more of subtly unfollowing people on social media than actually screaming matches in public places, which is probably all for the best. Now the Canadian rapper has decided his right to invoke the unfollow rule, responding to The Weeknd’s dis on Tuesday by unfollowing The Weeknd on Instagram, according to Complex.

Many fans of Drake have linked The Weeknd’s song to the rapper’s 2018 feud with Pusha-T that escalated quickly after the discovery of his secret child.

That was only compounded by the fact that Pusha-T took to Twitter with three fire emojis when he retweeted the link to the song.

Drake and The Weeknd have previously collaborated on their music, but it seems that the happy relationship may well have come to an end. At one point, The Weeknd considered Drake to be one of his closest friends in the industry, and even crediting him with helping him as he started out.

“I gave up almost half of my album. It’s hard. I will always be thankful—if it wasn’t for the light he shined on me, who knows where I’d be. And everything happens for a reason. You never know what I would say if this success wasn’t in front of me now.”

Drake has yet to comment on his decision to unfollow The Weeknd.

Drake is also apparently paying his respects to the artist who believes he gave him his start. The rapper just followed Soulja Boy on Instagram.

“‘Drake? Drake? The n***a that got bodied by Pusha-T?,” he said in his Breakfast Club manifesto. “The n***a that’s hiding his kid from the world but the world wanna hide from his kid? Aubrey Graham, the wheelchair kid — Drake?! Y’all n***as better stop playin’ with me in here. Stop playing me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he knows.”

It may be a little far fetched. but Drake has paid tribute to Soulja Boy in the past, most noticeably mentioning him in the song “Miss Me,” released in 2010, and the pair have collaborated in the past as well.

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