Savannah Spurlock’s Family Reportedly Hit Up By Scammers Asking For Ransom Money For Missing Young Mother

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Mother-of-four Savannah Spurlock mysteriously disappeared after leaving a bar in Lexington, Kentucky, almost three weeks ago. The 22-year-old gave birth to twins last month.

She was last spotted in the parking lot of The Other Bar on Friday, January 4, according to the Richmond Police Department.

In photos pulled from surveillance cameras, Spurlock can be seen walking away with two men, according to People. Police have since identified and interviewed those men, but no arrests have been made.

Investigators have not indicated whether or not they believe Spurlock disappeared as a result of foul play. So while Spurlock’s family is plagued with constant worry regarding her whereabouts and her wellness, strangers are harassing the family for ransom money.

Savannah’s mother, Ellen Spurlock, told WKYT that she’s frustrated with people wanting to take advantage of the family during such a difficult time.

“It’s very cruel. Very,” she said. “I mean, if these people that are doing this would think about what they would be doing in my situation, they may stop.”

Ellen Spurlock has been contacted through social media by strangers who claim to have possession of her daughter. They have been demanding ransom money, but would also accept gift cards or Bitcoin from the Spurlocks in exchange for her safe return, she said.

Spurlock shared that the strangers’ messages note that if the ransom is not paid within 12 hours, the kidnappers will cut off Savannah Spurlock’s fingers — or that she would disappear, never to be seen again.

The elder Spurlock seemed exasperated that the strangers continue to pester her, and when she has labeled them as fraudsters taking advantage of her at such a terrible time, they responded that she “does not care for Savannah’s safety,” People reported.

“They have to investigate everything they get, no matter how silly it seems,” Spurlock said. “Yes, they investigate all the rumors, and see that holds up on what they really need, to find the truth.”

Savannah’s aunt, Elaine Moore, told the Herald-Leader— per People — that on the day that she disappeared, Spurlock had phoned her mom.

“She talked to her mom at about 2:30 a.m. when she was leaving the bar and told her she would be home in a few hours,” Moore said. “That’s the last time she talked to her. She’s always been very good letting her parents know if she’s staying out late, for them not to worry about her. She’s a very sweet, kind-hearted young lady and would do anything to help anybody. You hate to think about this for anybody. This is just your worst nightmare.”

Spurlock is 5 feet tall, and weighs approximately 140 pounds. She has brown eyes, shoulder-length brownish-blonde hair, and sports multiple tattoos.