‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers, Episode 4: Colton Underwood Faces Meltdowns, Frisky Moments, And Tough Talks

Aaron PooleABC

The Bachelor spoilers revealed via a new sneak peek tease that things will be getting pretty intense as Colton Underwood visits Singapore with his ladies during Episode 4. The ladies are increasingly anxious to get time with Colton and it looks as if there will be a fair amount of jealousy shaking things up during this January 28 show.

People shares the new preview into Episode 4. In the clip, Colton is seen bungee jumping on one date and ABC teases Bachelor spoilers revealing that this one involves bachelorette Tayshia Adams. The clip also shows Tayshia and Colton playing around in the water and later they’ll open up to one another. The Bachelor spoilers note that she’ll have to tell him about a “past failure” from her personal life and that likely is a reference to her divorce.

Episode 4 also brings a one-on-one for beauty pageant winner Caelynn Miller-Keyes. It appears that this will be the luxury date that usually pops up each season and Bachelor spoilers tease that Caelynn and Colton will make the most of the designer shopping spree she receives.

Previous teasers have detailed that Miller-Keyes and Underwood will have a very serious discussion at some point and Bachelor spoilers indicate it comes during this date. In fact, it apparently happens early on, before the shopping spree.

It’s expected that Caelynn opens up about the jarring incident she went through during college and teasers have suggested that Colton opens up about some past things in his life that bring a lot of clarity to viewers and even impact how the season moves forward.

Both Tayshia and Caelynn will get roses during their date, and there’s a big group date in this episode, too. The group is said to explore Singapore with Colton and they’ll stop at some markets in a shopping area and try some exotic foods. They’ll also stop at a leech therapy center, and this provides a touch of clarity to a moment in the latest sneak peek.

The preview shows Hannah Brown making a snarky comment about a leech, seemingly referring to her nemesis Caelynn, and this must happen at this leech therapy center. The Bachelor spoilers share that things will remain tense between Caelynn and Hannah, and it looks as if the dynamic between Demi Burnett and Tracy Shapoff is increasingly frosty as well.

Demi will keep up her aggressive antics and Bachelor spoilers hint that she’ll end up butting heads with another fellow contestant. This time, it’ll be Courtney Curtis who gets into things with Burnett and it looks like Curtis ends up quite frustrated and in tears.

Cassie Randolph has really clicked with Colton and it seems she’s bonded with Caelynn. Randolph will try to talk about being so excited for Miller-Keyes and her exciting one-on-one, but Cassie ends up in tears over it. The Bachelor spoilers detail that she will get some quality time with Colton during Episode 4, but it looks like she’s struggling with the idea that the guy she likes also is dating some of her friends.

The new sneak peek also shows Colton getting frisky with someone during an alone moment on a bed. Unfortunately, it’s not clear yet who gets that wild moment or exactly when it happens. ABC hasn’t released photos for Episode 4 yet, but additional spoilers should emerge soon that pin down the lucky lady who is surely going to get a rose after that intimate moment.

It looks like it’ll be a wild ride for Colton Underwood and his ladies in Episode 4 set to air on Monday, January 28. Additional Bachelor spoilers will emerge in the days ahead and fans will definitely be buzzing over these dates.