‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Tuesday, January 22: Reese Confesses To Switching Hope’s Baby

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Tuesday, January 22, features Florence (Katrina Bowden) accusing Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) of drawing up a fake birth certificate. He called Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) and asked her if they were still interested in the adoption. He then said that he would arrange for a time for them to have a meeting and disconnected.

Flo would not back down even when Reese tried to silence her with a kiss, per She Knows Soaps. She did not want to continue with pretending to be the baby’s mother any longer. She insisted on knowing more about the baby. Florence wanted to know if she could trust Reese and she wanted to know how he got the infant. Although Reese protested, he finally relented because he was afraid that she would not continue with their scheme.

He told her that on the night that the baby was born, he was the only doctor on duty at the Catalina clinic. The thug called to threaten him with Zoe’s safety. He said that one of the women gave birth to a stillborn baby while the other gave birth to a live baby girl. He said that the woman who gave birth to the live daughter had lost consciousness. It was at that point that he realized that Taylor and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) wanted a baby to adopt and that he needed money desperately. He said that he had switched the babies and had given the stillborn baby to the woman who had lost consciousness. He told Flo that the baby was Hope’s.

Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) was inconsolable. Although Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) tried to comfort her daughter, Hope did not see the point of trying to go on. Brooke suggested that she work on the Hope For The Future line but Hope said that she could not pretend to still believe in the values that HFTF stood for. She said that she was in too much pain after losing two babies. Hope told her mother that she wanted to be alone.

Taylor and Steffy discussed the realities of adopting a child who was so close in age to Kelly (Zoe Pennington and Chloe Maria Teperman). Steffy insisted she wanted Kelly to have that close bond to her sibling. They said that they would keep Beth’s memory alive by telling Kelly about her half-sister. Steffy told her mother that Liam gave her the go-ahead for the adoption but that she still had no idea how Hope would react.

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