‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Lulu’s Battle Brings Heartbreak And ‘Kevin’ Faces Disappointment

General Hospital spoilers detail that Wednesday’s episode will cover a lot of ground. Many viewers were frustrated that Tuesday’s show didn’t focus on Lulu and Ryan, but all signs point toward plenty of action on this front with the January 23 episode.

Lulu is fighting for her life and word is spreading throughout Port Charles about the attack. General Hospital spoilers share that Charlotte will question where her mommy is and both Nina and Valentin will have a difficult time answering her.

As Charlotte struggles with missing Lulu, She Knows Soaps indicates that Laura will do her best to comfort her granddaughter. Laura will be putting the pressure on Jordan to solve this case and Peter will be called down to the PCPD to talk about what he might know.

“Kevin” suddenly went blind, which factored into his inability to finish the job with Lulu in her office. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that he may be more concerned with Lulu’s status than his own medical emergency.

The sneak peek shared on Twitter shows that he’ll talk with Ava about Lulu, assuming that she’s “gone.” He may struggle to cover his disappointment when he learns that his target survived and is in surgery.

Sonny will be keeping a close eye on all of this, since Lulu is his daughter-in-law, and fans are anxious to see if all of this chaos brings Dante back into the picture in some way. Dante had just told his wife that he was going to be difficult to reach, but obviously, it’ll be part of the story to try to let him know what’s happened.

Anna and Finn will be checking in on “Kevin,” too, as it seems to be quite the coincidence that he suddenly went blind just as Anna did. There are hints swirling that this blindness-causing virus will be central to a new storyline, but it’s too soon to tell for certain if that’s what’s impacted Ryan and if so, how it’s connected to Anna.

All signs point toward Lulu surviving this attack, but she may have a long road ahead of her in recovering from what happened. Fans are hopeful that the big reveal on Ryan’s reign of terror may be coming soon, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that Lulu may either have no recollection of the attack or may be unable to speak to Jordan about what happened.

Ryan may be sidelined for now, but he’s going to be trying to finish what he started and this will play out over the next week or so at least. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers to learn more about what is coming next as Lulu fights for her life and Ryan scrambles to maintain his cover.