Obama To Get Golf Lessons From Tiger Woods’ Old Coach Butch Harmon

President Obama is scheduled to take some golf lessons this weekend from Tiger Woods old coach Butch Harmon.

Harmon will meet Obama in Florida at the The Floridian GC in Palm City.

Golf Digest reports that Obama specifically requested Harmon who, in addition to coaching Tiger Woods, has also golfed with several US Presidents.

Harmon said:

“I’ve played golf with Ike, Nixon, Ford and President Bush 41 … I never played with President Clinton. I met him in the Oval Office. It’ll be interesting. I know the President is a real keen golfer. I’m looking forward to it.”

USA Today reports that Obama has golfed more than 100 rounds since he took office but Harmon says that there is still plenty of room for improvement in Obama’s game.

Harmon said:

“He’s a left-handed player, I’ve seen film of his swing before … It’ll be fun to get him down in the learning center, show him stuff in his golf game and see how he takes it to the course. He’s just like all of us that play golf. He wants to get better.”

President Obama isn’t the only politician who needs to work on their golf game. Condoleeza Rice recently demonstrated her poor golf game when she hit a spectator in the head with her golf ball earlier this month.