Disabled Piglet Gets A Wheelchair [Video]

A month-old piglet, who was born without the use of its hind legs, has been given a custom-built wheelchair in order to move around. You can see a video of the animal in his nifty contraption at the foot of the page.

The Florida born animal has also been handed a nickname too, and is now known as Chris P Bacon. A video of the piglet in his new wheelchair has become an internet sensation, after Len Lucero, a veterinarian, decided to assist the creature and build him the vehicle from a toy kit.

Mr Bacon’s exploits have now been viewed close to 500,000 times on Youtube in just two weeks.

Lucero, who is from Clermont in Florida, stated, “I made a makeshift wheelchair out of my son’s K’Nex set. He’s one lucky piglet.”

Lucero was first introduced to Chris when he was brought into his hospital by a woman who planned to have him put to sleep. Lucero said, “She wanted to do the most humane thing possible. She was distraught. She was crying up a storm and I said we’ve got options here.”

The vet said that the procedure of attaching the disabled piglet to the wheelchair was a tad laborious, and that Chris wasn’t happy to be in his new vehicle at first. However he has since adjusted to it.

Lucero also revealed that Chris P Bacon has now outgrown his original wheel chair, and has since started to use a medium sized device. A larger one has also been donated for the future.