Edward Furlong Arrested, Terminator Star Violated Protective Order Against Ex-Girlfriend

James Johnson

Edward Furlong has been thrown back in jail after violating a protective order issued to his ex-girlfriend.

The Terminator 2 star has been arrested two times in the last four months after allegedly beating up his girlfriend.

The first assault went down when Furlong attacked his girlfriend at LAX in October. The second assault occurred in January 2013.

Following the first assault, a protective order was automatically issued against Edward Furlong. By allegedly attacking his former partner for a second time, Furlong will likely face new assault charges and further charges for violating a court order.

Before Furlong was thrown back into jail, he was scolded by an angry judge. The judge told Furlong that he belongs in a lock down treatment facility where he can be treated for substance abuse.

This is not the first major issue of law Furlong has undergone. Back in 2010, Edward pled no content to violating a civil protective order against his estranged wife, Rachael Kneeland. During his probation, Furlong was not allowed to have any run-ins with the law.

With Edward Furlong back in jail, he will now be held until a formal probation hearing can be held on March 4.

Last week, Edward Furlong was cracking jokes about his time in jail. We have a feeling the Terminator 2 actor isn't laughing too much at the moment.

Do you think Edward Furlong should be back in jail or placed in a lock down facility for rampant substance abuse?