Dog The Bounty Hunter Says Wife Beth Chapman Will Continue Filming New Show While Undergoing Chemotherapy

Teresa KroegerGetty Images

Dog the Bounty Hunter revealed that his wife, Beth Chapman, will continue filming their new reality series while Chapman is undergoing chemotherapy, according to TMZ.

Sources close to the couple alleged to TMZ that Dog and Beth were committed to their work for a new reality series titled Dog’s Most Wanted with the TV network WGN America. On the series, the couple will reportedly track down some of the country’s most dangerous fugitives.

The couple will reportedly move forward with filming, even as Beth continues to receive chemotherapy in her battle against throat cancer.

TMZ alleged that Beth will be front and center for the show and that her fight against the disease, including her chemotherapy treatments, will likely be a storyline.

The gossip outlet noted their sources revealed the show will “capture her diagnosis and chronicle her journey.”

Production of the new series starts within a month.

E! News reported that Andrew Brettler, the Chapman’s family attorney, revealed Beth Chapman’s treatments against the disease are going well.

“They are going well, but they certainly take their toll on Beth,” the attorney shares. “She’s a trooper though and a very tough lady.”

Brettler expanded on TMZ’s story, stating to E! News, that filming their new WGN show is “not easy” for the tight-knit clan. He added, “The Chapmans certainly have a lot on their plate.”

This is Beth’s second fight against cancer, which she was first diagnosed with in September 2017.

The reality star and bounty hunter went into remission three months after her initial diagnosis, but over a year later, in November of 2018, Chapman returned to the hospital where she had surgery to remove a mass in her throat.

Chapman began chemotherapy in early January after doctors discovered her cancer had returned during emergency throat surgery in November.

Fans have been unanimous in their support of the reality star and her family.

“Beth my Prayers are with you and Dog and your family. God will give you the strength and comfort you need to get through this we all love you both,” said a fan of the clan on the social media sharing site.

Another remarked, “You are beautiful and strong. The love you and Dog have will give you the strength and courage. My prayers to you and Dog.”