JS-Kit gets $3.6 million, Chris Saad

Duncan Riley

Commenting 2.0 provider JS-Kit has taken $3.6 million Series B in a round led by Altos Ventures that included earlier investor TEF3.

JS-Kit said it would use the new round to expand its developer and executive team. The first hiring is Chris Saad, founder of Faraday Media (Particls) and the Co-Founder of the DataPortability Project.

Its money at the right time for JS-Kit, as the worst of the economic crisis is yet to fully understood in terms of direct impact on the sector. JS-Kit is well positioned compared to some competitors, offering a variety of site specific widgets on top of its commenting 2.0 service.

We've not been a huge fan of JS-Kit in the past. The company felt it necessary to trash talk their opponents when they acquired Haloscan in July, and a constant need to attack your competition in my books says more about the company making the attacks then it does about the target. Saad will add some charisma to the mix, and despite his young age, some reasonable street smarts in the PR 101 playbook.