‘General Hospital’ Teaser Reveals Oscar Collapses In Catacombs, Seizures Happening Already

Craig SjodinABC Press

There are lots happening on General Hospital this week, and the soap just posted a juicy teaser for fans to get excited about. The clip is called the Graceland super teaser for those who went to this special fan event over the weekend. They got a sneak peek into this week’s episodes before anyone else. Now it has been posted on social media for all to see, and it looks like it’s going to be a wild ride in the coming days.

One of the major story lines involves Oscar Nero’s major health crisis. He is trying to live out the days that he has left the best he can, but things are about to take a downward spiral. According to the video clip that General Hospital posted on Twitter on Monday, the teen collapses while he and Joss are exploring the famous Port Charles catacombs.

Last week, Oscar was interested in making the trip to the catacombs as part of his bucket list. Cameron told him that he knew of a way to get in, despite that it is supposed to be closed off. On Monday, Oscar and Joss head down there to take a look around. The teaser reveals Joss saying that no one knows that they are down there. It looks like maybe they get lost, which is quite easy to do.

The kids obviously didn’t think things through because Oscar suddenly has a seizure as they are trapped in the catacombs. They should have known that this could happen any time now that he is terminal. This sure isn’t a good situation. The previews also show that Kim asks Carly if she has heard from Joss.

General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Jason will be the one who risks his life to save Oscar and Joss. There isn’t any indication yet on how he and Sam will know they are down there, but Jason will get into a predicament himself. He is expected to fall into the icy water below, and it’s up to Sam to save him this time around.

Kim will not be too happy when she finds out that the two teens put themselves in a dangerous situation, especially with Oscar’s declining health. He isn’t expected to live much longer, as Terry had suggested. It looks like it may be sooner rather than later if he is having major seizures already. Unless a miracle happens, Oscar’s days are numbered.

So much is going on over at General Hospital that there is more than enough excitement to wade through. Keep watching to see how Kim reacts to this dire situation and if Oscar will be able to continue his bucket list with Joss in the coming weeks.