Hilaria Baldwin Takes Kids Out For An Educational Adventure The Day After Alec Baldwin Played Trump On 'SNL'

Actor Alec Baldwin hilariously played Donald Trump on the January 19 episode of Saturday Night Live. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the show's cold open featured the president playing a game of Deal or No Deal to stop the government shutdown and get his Mexican border wall built.

His wife, Hilaria Baldwin, brought the couple's four kids — 5-year-old Carmen, 3-year-old Rafael, 2-year-old Leonardo, and 7-month-old Romeo — to the show's set in New York City's Rockefeller Center earlier in the day to see their father in action. She attempted to take a photo with her brood, but no one seemed to be cooperating. She posted the photo on Instagram anyway, writing "this was the best I got."

The following day, Sunday, January 20, Hilaria decided to take the children to a place she just knew they would enjoy a whole lot more than their dad's place of work — the National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, an immersive experience in Times Square.

The interactive, walk-through exhibit features cutting-edge digital technology that takes visitors on a unique underwater journey without getting wet or taking animals away from their natural homes.

The Baldwin children were able to see what life is like to creatures living in the Pacific Ocean and "play with sea lions, get up-close with a majestic, life-sized humpback whale, and discover the incredible stories of National Geographic's ocean explorers," according to the exhibit's official website.

In her Instagram story, Hilaria shared cool videos of her kids learning all about the creatures in the ocean. She also posted one adorable photo on the social media site.

The Instagram snapshot features the three oldest kids wearing neon yellow 3D glasses that appear to be way too big for their tiny faces. Carmen is wearing a shirt with the title character from Alice in Wonderland on it, Leonardo has Superman's shield on his T-shirt, and Rafael's top appears to have clouds and kites on it.

Instead of writing a proper caption, Hilaria simply posted three emojis — the dolphin, the spouting whale, and the blowfish — and tagged the National Geographic Encounter.

Hopefully, the kids were able to appreciate the exhibit, and maybe they even learned a little bit along the way.

After spending the day in a crowded public space with her four children, Hilaria got to have an adult dinner with Alec on Sunday evening. However, according to her Instagram story, she regretted her shoe choice — high heels without socks. The temperature in NYC only hit a high of 42 degrees Fahrenheit, and the low was eight degrees Fahrenheit.