Russian Meteor Conspiracy Theories: Meteorite Called Secret US Weapon

Russian Meteor conspiracy theories have already begun. A Russian leader believes the meteorite is really a secret US weapon and it just so happens that Russia and the US were arguing over North Korea right before the G-20 meetings began.

According to Rianovosti, a Russian cleric called the Russian meteor the “Lord’s message,” saying that the “meteorite is a reminder that we live in fragile and unpredictable world.” As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this is unfortunately true and North Korea is currently in a state of martial law ready for war. The rogue nation recently sent a monkey into space and back safely, which indicates their long-rang missiles could reach other continents, and they even tested a working nuclear bomb that shook the Earth.

According to, the Russian Liberal Democratic leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, claims that the Russian meteor is no meteorite, and instead the US “tested a new weapon” over Russia:

“You’re like some primitive tribe. What meteorite? [Space is a] universe that has its own laws. When something falls – it’s man-made. People are warmongers and provocateurs.”

On February 12, US Secretary of State John Kerry was supposed to talk to Russian diplomat Sergey Lavrov about the North Korean nuclear test, but Zhirinovsky claims that John Kerry “wanted to warn Lavrov about the provocation and that it may affect Russia.”

MarketWatch points out that the Group of 20 nations meeting, or the G-20, just happened to coincide with the Russian Meteor hitting “close” to Moscow:

“So what are the odds that an extraterrestrial object will hit Earth only some 1,060 miles east of the city where 20 of the biggest world leaders are gathering on exactly the same morning as they kick off their discussions?”

Still, over a 1,000 miles is quite a miss and the US military weapons are usually known for precision. Speaking of which, another Russian meteor conspiracy theory has the Russian military shooting the meteorite down with missiles. This one is being supported and spread by Anonymous:


Some people on Twitter are using the hash tag #RussianMeteor and they’re wondering when the Russian meteor will be politicized back in America:


So far the best Russian meteor conspiracy theory comes from Twitter as well:


If the Russian meteor is actually a failed conspiracy to kill off the G-20 leaders, who do you think would have done it? Or maybe it’s simply just a hole in the ice…