While Melania’s Away On A Solo Vacation, Donald Trump Randomly ‘Liked’ Tweet With Sexy Pictures Of Katy Perry

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

The government may be shut down, but the White House’s internet connection is apparently working just fine.

On Friday, Twitter sleuths noted that Donald Trump had randomly clicked “like” on a months-old tweet from the music app Shazam wishing singer Katy Perry a happy birthday. The October post had a series of sexy pictures of the singer, though nothing too terribly racy.

The stray “like” caught some viral attention, with many wondering what Donald Trump was searching to bring up a post from nearly three months ago saying happy birthday to Katy Perry. Others noted that his Twitter search came just as Melania Trump left the White House for a solo getaway weekend at Trump’s luxury Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

That trip had attracted quite a bit of criticism as the first lady departed mere hours after Trump released a public statement denying a military airplane for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her planned trip to visit U.S. service members in Afghanistan. Trump appeared to be responding to a letter Pelosi had sent the previous day asking him to consider postponing the State of the Union address as the ongoing government shutdown created new security concerns.

As CNN noted, Melania has made a series of solo flights in the four weeks since the government shutdown began, all with her unpaid Secret Service agents in tow.

“That trip marked Melania Trump’s fifth solo flight since the shutdown began,” the report noted. “Per security protocols set in place by the government and the United States Secret Service, the first lady, along with the President and the vice president, must always fly via military aircraft, leaving the Trump private air fleet, or commercial flights, out of the question. Her Secret Service detail, which is accompanying her on the trip per safety protocol, is part of the 800,000 federal employees working without a paycheck.”

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has shown interest in Katy Perry. Back before he became president, Trump frequently shared thoughts on her dating life and some unsolicited advice about what men she should avoid. He apparently always had a bad feeling about Russell Brand — if only Katy had listened.

Donald Trump might not have as much time for Twitter or perusing pictures of Katy Perry this weekend. The president announced that he would be making a public address on Saturday, which CNN reported would be an offer to Democrats in an attempt to end the shutdown.