Tierra LiCausi Engaged: Bachelor Star Getting Married, But Not To Sean Lowe

Tierra LiCausi Engaged: Bachelor Star Getting Married, But Not To Sean Lowe

Tierra LaCausi is engaged, and as fans of The Bachelor already know it’s not to Sean Lowe.

The most recent iteration of The Bachelor, Lowe gave “Tierrable” Tierra LaCausi the boot on Monday’s episode of the dating game reality show. But it didn’t take the 24-year-old long to bounce back, as LaCausi has already gotten engaged since the show first taped, omg! from Yahoo! reported.

The news was a far cry from how Bachelor fans last saw Tierra, Us Weekly pointed out. After Lowe kicked her out, fans saw her leaving the Bachelor house in tears, as seems to be the standard exit for scorned contestants.

“Tierra got engaged in January. We’re ecstatic for her. She is so happy!” LiCausi’s brother Tyler told Us Weekly. “They had been together for three years on-and-off. They had broken up in the summer [before the show].”

Tyler also stood up for his sister Tierra, saying that the show edited her in a bad light. LaCausi was often shown causing trouble for the other women in the house, having emotional breakdowns and making snide comments to the other contestants.

“She’s pretty upset about how ABC edited her but she stays off the Internet. …they just showed the girls talking about her and none of their conversations prior to that,” he said. “She doesn’t read the blogs. Tierra says she kept to herself most of the time and was just there to see what was up with her and Sean, not to make friends.”

A lot of people thought Tierra LaCausi’s engagement was a fake. The former contestant shared a picture of her hand with a big diamond engagement ring, leading many people to think she was faking an engagement to Lowe for attention.

“It made her upset that people thought she would fake an engagement to Sean,” Tyler said. “Meanwhile, she was so happy with someone else and couldn’t tell anyone. It was very hard for us to keep it hush hush.”

Just who is Tierra LaCausi engaged to? While her brother Tyler confirmed that Tierri is indeed on the way to getting married, he wouldn’t name her fiance. He said ABC may be saving that reveal for the Behind the Rose reunion show.