Kate Middleton & Prince William Got The Strangest Wedding Gift From Boris Johnson

What does one get for the couple who seemingly has everything? Well, former Mayor of London Boris Johnson thought he was onto something when he bought a wedding gift for Prince William and Kate Middleton. It’s safe to say that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn’t get duplicates of Johnson’s pick that wasn’t on the wedding registry.

Express called the wedding gift from Boris Johnson “bizarre” but in retrospect, it seems in line with his interests. Johnson gave Wills & Kate a tandem bike, better known as a bicycle built for two. Sure, the future king and queen of England tooling around London on a tandem bike wouldn’t be strange at all.

Johnson attended the royal wedding and then made an appearance at Trafalgar Square to cut some wedding cake and toast the happy couple, unveiling their wedding gift from the “People of London” on a Jumbotron.

“I look forward to seeing the newlyweds on tandem wheels as they start their new life in Anglesey.”

Johnson used the occasion to kick off the upcoming London Olympics.

“I am delighted to have this amazing opportunity, on behalf of London, to wish Prince William and Kate Middleton a long, prosperous and joyous life together. It’s a fantastic day for the city and obviously, it shows the city off at its best. We’ve got the entire international media here and, in many ways, it’s a good dry run for the Olympics.”

Even before he was mayor, Boris Johnson was a big fan of two-wheel transportation, often seen around town on his trusty bicycle, according to Free Tours By Foot. Barclays Bikes, often called “Boris Bikes” after Johnson and his love for pedaling around town, are bicycles for hire around London, and a nice alternative to travel by foot, cab, or car.

“With more than 8,000 bikes and over 500 docking stations throughout London, the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme is quick and easy for visitors (AND locals!) to use.”

But even Johnson could get bogged down with Brexit and political life, and he admits that he found himself heavier than he wanted to be, needed to clean up his act, and “stop snoring like a walrus,” says Express.

Johnson is back to exercising, has cut out alcohol, and his favorite late-night snack or “chorizo and cheese binges” proving that we can all reform at any age.

“I breakfast like some Georgian hermit on porridge with a luxury sprinkling of nuts. At drinks parties I guzzle water and marvel at the Pinteresque slowness with which we come to the point.”

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