Why Muhammed Saleem’s Tip’d will succeed

Well known social media consultant Muhammed Saleem has launched Tip’d, a Digg style social voting site for financial news.

The SocialWebCMS powered site offers a front page stream of popular news, and category based browsing, including Stocks, Economy and Real Estate.

Other sites are focusing on the Digg angle, both with the site itself, and Saleem’s status as a top Digg user. To some extent that’s fair, and I understand why those connections are being made. But while Saleem may be best known as a top Digg user, he’s also a social media consultant.

I’ve never met Muhammed in person, but I’ve corresponded with him in the past (I also missed the email he sent me a few days ago with a heads up on this), and I’ve even been on his podcast. I’ve followed him closely over the years, and on occasion, our paths have crossed on various sites.

Here’s the thing: he might be one of Digg’s top users, but I don’t see him that way. Muhammed is one of the best social media consultants on the planet, and that’s a label I don’t hand out easily. He knows social media not only by name, but by living it. He has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in this space that very few people could match.That’s why I think Tip’d is going to be successful. It’s admittedly niche, but as reported elsewhere, the startup costs are low (below $25,000), so the barrier for making this site work is low also. If anyone could pull off a successful Digg style social voting site in a space so full with clones we gave up long ago counting and tracking them, Muhammed can.