Former CIA Director Agrees Trump Is ‘Clear And Present Danger’ To National Security

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Many people have expressed concern about some of the actions taken by Donald Trump during his presidential tenure, and now former CIA director John Brennan has offered his thoughts, agreeing with the assessment that the president is a “clear and present danger” to the country’s national security, Newsweek reported.

Brennan’s thoughts echoed those of David Laufman, former counterintelligence chief of the Department of Justice, who gave his analysis of the commander in chief while appearing on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show on Monday night.

Laufman told show host Rachel Maddow that there was a “culmination of things” that backed his assertion that the president “is a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States,” including the “unbelievable acquiescence to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki,” Newsweek previously reported.

Brennan made an appearance on the same news network on Tuesday, January 15, when he was asked by Chris Hayes if he agreed with the former DOJ official’s evaluation.

“A number of people have been saying for quite some time that the actions, and the policies, and the statements that Mr. Trump has been making undermine our national security. So I think David Laufman brought it together in a very crisp and succinct way,” Brennan answered.

One of the greatest concerns for the former CIA director was the idea that President Trump may be considering pulling the country out of NATO, which Brennan noted was originally formed to prevent the Soviet Union, and now Russia, from expanding.

As previously noted by the Inquisitr, a report published in the New York Times on Monday stated that the president had privately expressed his desire to withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization a number of times over the course of 2018 to senior administration officials.

Not only would the move “destroy” decades of hard work across multiple administrations, but it would also be “the wildest success that Vladimir Putin could dream of,” former Undersecretary of Defense Michele A. Flournoy said, according to the New York Times article.

For Brennan, the idea was somewhat unbelievable.

“That is something that is just totally mind-blowing, that the president of the United States would actually entertain this notion,” he told Hayes on Tuesday night.

The news comes on the heels of yet another report from the paper published on Friday, January 11 that the FBI had launched a secret investigation in May of 2017 over concerns that President Trump was working as a Russian agent. The president has denied the claim since the report came out.