‘The Bachelor’ Episode 3 Spoilers: Colton Underwood’s Pirate-Themed Date Sparks Fierce Fights Among The Ladies

Rick RowellABC

New Bachelor spoilers about Episode 3 are emerging and all signs point toward this being a wild ride for Colton Underwood and his ladies. The first group date set to be featured during this January 21 episode has a pirate theme incorporated into it, and it looks like this one will be jam-packed with action.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, eight of Colton Underwood’s ladies will be going on this pirate-themed group date in Episode 3. This outing was filmed at a location called Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Buena Park and ABC’s press release shares plenty of juicy tidbits about what happens.

Gossip king Reality Steve details that this group date will include Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Courtney Clemmens, Demi Burnett, Hannah Brown, Heather Martin, Katie Morton, Kirpa Sudick, and Tracy Shapoff. The Bachelor spoilers share that Colton will greet the ladies while dressed in a full pirate costume and he’ll introduce them to professional performers from the live show.

The ladies will also get dressed up and go through a “challenging pirate tutorial.” After that, the ladies will take the stage alongside Underwood and do battle in a handful of challenges.

The network teases that Tracy and Caelynn will be competing against one another to be in the position of “first soul mate.” Based on the available Bachelor spoilers, it sounds as if Miller-Keyes may win this battle as she reportedly snags the group date rose.

Colton Underwood takes eight ladies on a pirate-themed 'Bachelor' group date
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There is an after party tied to this date and Bachelor spoilers reveal that viewers will see more banter between beauty pageant ladies Hannah and Caelynn. Everybody got to see the first part of this contentious former friendship during Episode 2, per Inquisitr, and it’ll get more intense during this next show.

The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Hannah and Caelynn will butt heads during the after party and they will both talk with Colton and make allegations about the other woman’s behavior. How will Underwood handle this and will it impact his opinion about either lady? Spoilers suggest that both ladies will be sticking around for now, but it doesn’t sound as if Miller-Keyes and Brown will necessarily smooth things over in their fractured friendship.

Aside from the drama between Miller-Keyes and Brown, Bachelor spoilers so far don’t hint at any big departures during this group date or any other major drama. Which ladies will go with the flow on this date and which ones will feel self-conscious? It all plays out on Monday, January 21, and it sounds as if Colton Underwood will have a lot to handle during this outing.