‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Emme Rylan Hints At What’s Ahead For Lulu, Safe From Ryan’s Reign Of Terror?

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers have teased that Ryan will be claiming another victim soon and viewers know that he has decided he wants to target Carly and Sonny. All signs point toward someone else crossing his path first, though, and some have wondered if it might be Lulu. However, actress Emme Rylan seems to be putting out hints that she’s not going anywhere yet.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, General Hospital spoilers seemed to be hinting that Lulu might end up being Ryan’s next victim. For example, there’s talk about Laura comforting Charlotte, Carly feeling heartbroken, and Peter being called down to the PCPD, as well as Sonny paying his respects to somebody.

In addition, the recent scene between Lulu and Sonny discussing Dante made some fans wonder if they were setting viewers up for Dante being unable to return to Port Charles in the wake of something devastating happening to one of his loved ones. Lulu being Ryan’s next victim would certainly fit the bill.

The latest print edition of ABC Soaps in Depth shares some tidbits from Rylan, however, that hint at other developments. Emme told the outlet that she would like to see Lulu really fall apart in Dante’s absence, and she thinks there is a lot that the writers could do with her character right now.

“She’s just had it together for too long. Let her fear that he’s not coming back – or that he’s dead! – and let her unravel for a little while before Dom [possibly] comes back.”

Rylan added that she likes conflict and would love to see some headed her way in terms of storyline. As for the reference to Dom returning, actor Dominic Zamprogna said that he’d always be open to quick return stints when he left General Hospital last year. Viewers saw him back once not long ago and the recent references to him make fans wonder if another return is on the way.

If Lulu isn’t Ryan’s next victim, could it be her mother-in-law Olivia? Her demise would fit many of the same clues about what’s coming up next week, and she was recently talking about how nervous she is over what’s been happening in Port Charles. The writers haven’t been using the character much, but her departure would touch a lot of different characters on the show.

All signs point toward this next bit of heartbreak at Ryan’s hands coming later this week, and fans are bracing themselves for it. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers regarding what’s coming next on this front as it sounds as if another rough farewell may be on the horizon.