Kevin Garnett Retirement? Celtics Forward Says This Is His Last All-Star Game

Is Kevin Garnett thinking retirement?

Though the Celtics forward hasn’t said what he plans to do at the end of this season, a remark about the upcoming All-Star Game has many people thinking that retirement is in Garnett’s future.

The 36-year-old Garnett was talking with reporters after a game when his future plans came up casually.

“For it being my last [All-Star Game] I guess, I got some family coming down,” Garnett casually mentioned in the Celtics’ locker room.

The statement piqued the interest of reporters, who pushed Kevin Garnett more on the retirement question. He responded that this was definitely his last All-Star Game but didn’t exactly say that meant he was hanging up his jersey.

When a reporter pointed to Garnett that he still had two years left on his contract, the forward was a bit more vague, CBS Sports noted.

“Y’all don’t know what I know though,” Garnett told reporters. “Let’s put it like this: I’m more than grateful for going. I’m not going to act like I got more All-Star Games in me or whatever. So I’m actually going to enjoy this one with my friends and family. That’s what I meant.”

Even if he’s not thinking retirement, this could be the last time Garnett wears a Celtics jersey to the All-Star Game … or at all. He has been the subject of many trade rumors this season including recent reports that Boston was trying to ship him to the Denver Nuggets, though the Denver Post reported that Garnett refused the trade.

When asked about the trade rumor, the Celtics forward said that he “bleeds green,” but now many Celtics fans are asking if Kevin Garnett is planning retirement instead of returning to the team next year.