‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Casting For Week Of January 21: A New Thug Comes To Town

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Bold and the Beautiful casting news for the week of January 21 reveals that the Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) drama has only just begun. Three guest stars are slated to appear next week on the popular CBS soap opera.

Tuesday, January 22

Hunter Tylo will return as Dr. Taylor Hayes, per Highlight Hollywood. Reese presented Taylor and Steffy with a once in a lifetime offer. He introduced Taylor to a woman named Florence (Katrina Bowden) who claims to want to give her newborn daughter up for adoption.

Taylor told Steffy that a colleague was trying to arrange a private adoption on her behalf. If Steffy wants the baby, she could adopt it.

It appears as if Taylor will still be involved with the adoption storyline next week. She Knows Soaps states that Steffy will make her decision regarding the baby next week. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via Inquisitr, indicate that Steffy will name the baby Phoebe after her twin sister who died.

Wednesday, January 23

Hunter Tylo appears as Taylor Hayes.

B&B head writer Bradley Bell previously teased that an exciting storyline is in the works for Taylor. She is still very frightened that Bill Spencer will turn her in for shooting him.

However, it seems as if Taylor could be worrying over something she never did in the first place. New information will come to light which will cause everyone to question whether Taylor pulled the trigger. B&B fans will remember that Taylor is not clear about the details of the event, whereas Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) was at one stage convinced that he had shot his father in the back.

Guy Nardulli debuts as “Thug.”

Thursday, January 24

Guy Nardulli portrays “Thug.”

Reese Buckingham seems to have people following him left, right, and center. First, the debt collector threatened him with his daughter’s life if he did not fork out $200,000, then a dealer from Las Vegas called Flo also follows him to Los Angeles.

Now another thug is also in town. Although the specifics are not mentioned, the only person on the show who seems to have a shady past is Catalina Clinic’s doctor. It appears as if Reese better be on the lookout for trouble.

Hunter Tylo appears as Dr. Taylor Hayes.

Friday, January 25

Maile Brady returns as Tiffany, Emma Barber’s (Nia Sioux) friend. Emma will enlist Tiffany’s help to keep an eye on Xander Avant (Adain Bradley). It appears as if Emma is not quite over her ex-boyfriend even though she acted nonchalant when Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) told her that she and Xander were back together.

Guy Nardulli appears as “Thug.”

Hunter Tylo appears as Dr. Taylor Hayes.