Model With Down Syndrome, Kate Grant, Inspires Many As New Brand Ambassador For Benefit Cosmetics Ireland

Twenty-year-old Irish model Kate Grant has never let having down syndrome hold her back from accomplishing her dreams. Now she is creating a beautiful change in the beauty industry as the newly named Brand Ambassador for Benefit Cosmetics Ireland. Her new prestigious title is helping to create a positive difference in makeup branding, leading to a more inclusive and welcoming environment. Her vivacious and positive outlook is now inspiring millions around the world, according to People.

Kate earned worldwide recognition this past year when she earned the title of Teen Ultimate Beauty Of The World. She was the first woman with down syndrome to achieve to win an international beauty pageant and soon found herself on the cover of magazines published around the world. Still, her accomplishments were far from over.

She was determined to show the world that those with disabilities are just as capable as anyone else of achieving their dreams. “I was in shock. My family were all in the audience, ­crying and cheering. My dream has come true. And that dream is to get a chance to inspire young people who have Down’s ­syndrome and other special needs to believe in themselves,” she said following her 2018 pageant win.

Since that victorious day, Kate has continued to bring joy and positivity to all those who have the privilege to be in her company. She was honored to get to be apart of a new project with Benefit Cosmetics as they launch their new Roller Liner. Her mother, Deidre, has never been more proud of her inspiring daughter. “She is paving the way for people coming behind her,” she said.

There is still much advancement that needs to take place to make the world more welcoming to those with special needs. Although Kate recognizes this fact, she’s as determined as ever to be a voice for those with disabilities everywhere who hope to accomplish goals similar to her.

The team at Benefit Cosmetics Ireland instantly fell in love with Kate’s wonderful energy and knew they had to get her on board with them. “We were captivated by her incredible zest for life and determination. She embodied everything we stand for as a brand so we knew we had to find a way to work with her,” a representative for the brand said.

Kate wants the world to know that anything is possible with hard work and a positive mindset. Her belief in herself has carried her this far and will only continue to change the lives and outlooks of many throughout the world.