Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvinstev Are ‘Really Into Each Other’

Nikki Bella is currently dating her former Dancing With the Stars partner, Artem Chigvinstev, and the couple are said to have some major chemistry.

According to a recent report by Life & Style Magazine, Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvinstev recently reunited, and sparks began to fly. As many fans will remember, Artem was Nikki’s Dancing With the Stars partner last year, and it seems that following the wrestler’s split with former fiance John Cena, Chigvinstev saw his chance with Bella.

An insider tells the outlet that Nikki and Artem may have a lot of heat between them, but that they’ve decided to take things slow for the time being.

“They got together for dinner and the chemistry from the dance floor came right back. They hit it off. They’re taking it slow, but they’re really into each other,” the source revealed.

To make things awkward, both Nikki and John had gotten very close with Artem following his partnership with Bella. The professional dancer was slated to have a role in the couple’s wedding before it was called off, and Cena even revealed that he wanted Chigvinstev to teach him how to dance.

“As far as dancing, I think he’s probably gonna teach me my first dance. So, hopefully I’ll be able to take those tips from him there,” John Cena said of Artem Chigvinstev in an interview before his split with Nikki Bella.

However, it seems that both Nikki and John have moved on from the relationship. Cena recently joked about the pair’s split during a January 1 appearance on WWE’s SmackDown Live, where he dissed himself for being old, washed up, and left by Bella.

“Some man’s gonna walk down here and try to tell me that I’m an old, broken down, part-timing Hollywood wannabe that should just get a haircut and leave WWE faster than Nikki Bella left me. So, that cat’s out of the bag,” the wrestling favorite stated during the show.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nikki and Artem’s relationship is not serious, and that they’re currently just keeping things casual by hanging out whenever their busy schedules allow them to have the time to hook up.

A sources tells Hollywood Life that Bella is having fun, and not looking to get tied down to a serious relationship right now.

Fans can see more of Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvinstev by following the pair on their Instagram accounts.