January 12, 2019
'Saw' Writers Challenging Death With Re-Imagining Of 'Final Destination' Franchise

Some people may think that Hollywood has run out of ideas and isn't very creative anymore, but it's hard to deny that a lot of remakes end up making money. That is especially true in the genre of horror and thriller movies, and that is why Final Destination is going to be the next franchise to get the reboot. A couple of writers who were behind four of the movies in the Saw franchise are stepping in to see if some unsuspecting people can try and avoid death in another series.

New Line is preparing to show viewers that it is possible to cheat death, but only for a limited amount of time. According to the Hollywood Reporter, horror movie writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are going to write the script for what is being called a re-imagining of Final Destination.

The first film in the franchise was released back in 2000 and has spawned five sequels, with the last one hitting theaters in 2011. All of the movies have earned more than $665 million at the global box office, with the final two sequels bringing in the most money.

It will be interesting to see if Melton and Dunstan are able to come up with a creative enough script to not only bring in fans of the original films, but new viewers as well.

The first Final Destination followed a group of high school kids who were able to avoid death due to one teen's dream. Because of his visions, they were able to survive a plane crash that killed the rest of their class, but death was always coming for them because it was still their time.

Considering the James Wong-directed flick brought in $112 million worldwide on a budget of $23 million, it was no surprise that it earned a sequel. Devon Sawa starred in the first movie alongside Ali Larter and a host of others, but he didn't appear in any of the sequels.

Once news broke of Final Destination being re-imagined, Sawa hopped on his Twitter account to comment on the new movie.

"The new Final Destination should be about a YouTube star that keeps saying stupid sh*t. And every time something homophobic or racist comes out of his spoiled mouth, he gets run over by a bus or crushed by a falling boulder."
As of now, there is no word on what the plot is for the reboot of Final Destination, but fans kind of get a general idea. New Line has a way of releasing some pretty decent horror movies, and it could be fun to see the franchise brought to life with new technology. With the writers of numerous Saw films and the upcoming Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie, there has to be a great chance that it will at least be scary.