January 12, 2019
WWE News: Big Star's Debut Pushed Back After Having To Leave Before 'Raw' Due To Anxiety Attack

For weeks, Lars Sullivan has had numerous vignettes aired for him across WWE television and they have all spoken of his impending arrival. "The Freak" ran wild through NXT and fans have been wondering whether he would end up on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live, and we almost found out this past week. Unfortunately, there was something out of everyone's control that caused his debut to get pushed back and it's quite a serious situation.

It was back in November that the vignettes started as the Inquisitr reported, he was due to be called up to the main roster at any moment. The big wonder was whether he'd end up on the red brand or the blue brand, but fans are going to have to continue waiting to find that out.

WrestlingNews.co reported that Sullivan was actually scheduled to appear on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live this past week. It's not necessarily known what he was going to do, but Sullivan was scheduled for both and it was initially thought that he just didn't show up.

It has since been reported by the Wrestling Observer, by way of Ringside News, that Sullivan was actually at the Amway Center in Orlando for Raw, but left before it began. Apparently, Sullivan was prepared to make his main roster debut that night but an anxiety attack got the better of him.


The report states that Sullivan was scheduled to work a dark match before Monday Night Raw, but he ended up being replaced by Ethan Carter III. Sullivan was then scheduled to have a dark match before SmackDown on Tuesday, but he couldn't make that one either.

It seems as if Sullivan suffered what many believe to be an anxiety attack which forced him to stay out of the ring. No one was going to push him to work while dealing with such an issue and after not performing on Tuesday in Jacksonville, Sullivan flew home to Colorado.

As of right now, Wrestling Observer reported that the status of Lars Sullivan for this week isn't yet known. The report went as far to say that "nothing else is known...whether they will change plans or how it will be handled."

WWE officials have been said to be much more understanding of any kind of mental health issues or problems ever since Mauro Ranallo's situation some time back. With that in mind, officials did meet with Lars Sullivan and it appears as if there are no problems with him, but future plans are not yet known. It will be interesting to see just when the former NXT superstar makes his main roster debut, but hopefully, all is going well for him now.