'Bold And The Beautiful' Recaps: Reese Surprises Taylor With A Baby

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, January 14 revealed that Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) had a little secret that he was keeping from everybody, finally deciding to show Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) what has been keeping him so busy. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) tries to draw boundaries with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), while Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) gets honest about her feelings.

Hope Feels As If Beth Is Alive on Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Hope were alone in the cabin, with Hope still trying to process losing her baby while holding an ultrasound photo of Beth in her hand. She told her mother that she is struggling to sleep. She said that she only held her for a moment and she never wants to forget her, per Soaps.

Brooke tried to console Hope, saying that she had so much support from everyone around her and encouraging her daughter to lean on her. Hope cried, saying that she would never be able to hold Beth again and couldn't understand why she had to lose her daughter. She said that even though it sounded crazy, she felt as if Beth was not gone. Brooke held her daughter close and comforted her, per Bold and the Beautiful recaps.

Ridge Forrester Sets Boundaries With Bill Spencer

After the get-together, Bill, Ridge, and Brooke discuss Hope and Liam Spencer's (Scott Clifton) loss. The conversation turned to the three's relationship. Ridge said that Brooke would stay his wife until death. Brooke did not think that this topic was appropriate right now, but also confirmed that her marriage to Ridge was going to last.

Ridge felt that Bill without his necklace was a ploy, but he wanted to make it clear that Bill was to respect their marriage. However, Brooke felt that Bill had changed for the better but that he should focus on his sons and not on her. Brooke said that their children have to come first. Bill responded by saying that he heard them loud and clear, then leaving.

Reese Buckingham Surprises Taylor Hayes With A Baby

The Bold and the Beautiful recaps stated that Taylor was still at Reese's place trying to reassure him that he was a good doctor. Reese said that on the day that Hope went into labor there were signs and omens the whole day. He went on to say that he had tried to get the breathing again, but she was already gone. Taylor pointed out that the whole situation was therefore beyond his control.

Reese thanked her and told her that he wanted to prove to her how much he cared for her. He went into his bedroom and came out with a tiny baby. Taylor demanded to know where the baby came from.