Enes Kanter Shares Video Of Himself Eating Seven Burgers, Misses Practice The Next Day Due To ‘Illness’

Brian MunozGetty Images

Enes Kanter may want to go a bit easier on his next cheat day.

The New York Knicks forward shared a video on Wednesday of the enormous meal he ate during what was apparently a day off from his diet. The video showed the 6-foot-1o player parked at a restaurant table with enough food to fill an entire team — seven cheeseburgers, including three topped with friend eggs, and a giant plate of fries.

To those wondering how a human being can eat that much and stay healthy, well, apparently they can’t. As Yahoo Sports reported, Kanter missed practice on Thursday with an unspecified “illness.”

It wasn’t clear if the two were related, but the report Yahoo Sports parsed the probabilities accordingly.

“This could be a complete coincidence. It might have nothing to do with Kanter scarfing down seven burgers, three eggs and a plate of fries Wednesday night,” the report noted. “If that’s the case, the timing of Kanter’s illness is still pretty hilarious.”

If recent reports are correct, then the meal could have been something of a going-away celebration for the Turkish big man. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Knicks have been in talks with the Sacramento Kings to trade Enes in exchange for Zach Randolph, though he noted that it is not near the finish line just yet.

Kanter is averaging 14.4 points an 11 rebounds per game this season, but the Knicks are reportedly ready to move on from the big man. As Daily Knicks reported, Kanter has been unhappy with his reduced role on the team, as he was moved to the bench in favor of Mitchell Robinson. The report noted that trading Kanter would help the Knicks to solve a “logjam in the rotation” and award more minutes to the team’s developing players.

Kanter had already said he would miss the team’s trip to London amid fears that he could be targeted for assassination for his political stance. The Turkish player has been a vocal critic of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and said he has received hundreds of death threats because of it. Erdogan has reportedly cracked down on opposition, imprisoning some political opponents.

If Enes Kanter did fall ill due to his enormous cheat day meal, then the sickness could be almost as giant as the meal itself. CBS Sports reported that he was listed as questionable for the Knicks game on Friday against the Indiana Pacers.