Pete Davidson's Ex Cazzie David Hangs Out With Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez

There's always room for one more member of Taylor Swift's squad, isn't there?

Fans are going nuts over a new photo that Swift posted to her Instagram account this evening. In the image, Taylor holds up a glass of wine as she poses for a selfie with Selena Gomez and Cazzie David while she tells fans that they're enjoying "20wineteen." In case you didn't realize it, Cazzie David is the ex-girlfriend of Pete Davidson and the daughter of Seinfeld creator Larry David. Davidson infamously broke up with David and then started dating pop princess Ariana Grande.

Selena Gomez is also pictured in the image and it appears as though the trio are having a great time. Taylor appears to the far right of the photo and is sporting a huge smile as she rocks her signature red lipstick and holds up a glass of wine. She has her hair slicked back in a low ponytail and next to her is Cazzie David.

David wears her long, dark locks down as she turns her head to the side and gives a slight smile. Like Swift, she is also rocking a bright red lipstick on her lips. Behind Swift and David sits Selena Gomez. The singer appears to be wearing minimal makeup as she too wears her hair slicked back and smiles big for the camera.

The photo has already earned Swift a ton of attention in just a short time of going live with over 929,000 likes. Like on her other posts, Swift has disabled comments on this photo, but that hasn't stopped her army of fans from taking to Twitter to express their thoughts on what appears to be the newest member of Taylor's squad. While some fans love the new friendship that has formed, there are a few others who are a little bit confused by it.

"Ok i know it's a new year but taylor is with cazzie david..... can someone please explain the connection???" one fan asked.

"Here's #TaylorSwift, #SelenaGomez, and #CazzieDavid Having Your Dream Happy Hour."
"Just when I think Cazzie David couldn't get any cooler," one more commented.

So far, Taylor is the only one who has posted a photo of the hangout to social media, but fans are hoping that Gomez or David give them another sneak peak into the hangout or just any other details about it for that matter. It's also no secret that David has been a fan of Swift for quite some time. In 2017, the 25-year-old dished on her love for Taylor to Refinery 29.

"She's obviously amazing. I love Taylor Swift. I think she's great, and extremely talented," she said.

Cheers to the newest member of Swift's squad.