Kailyn Lowry Comments On Ugly Feud With Jenelle Evans: 'I Don't Really Think About Her'

Kailyn Lowry is fighting back against Jenelle Evans' latest comments about her.

Ahead of the upcoming premiere of Teen Mom 2 Season 9, Lowry and Evans' feud is at an all-time high and while speaking with Us Weekly magazine on January 10, Lowry opened up about the drama between them and confirmed she recently attempted to smooth things over.

As fans may have noticed, Evans shared a video on Instagram last month in which she was seen burning a set of hair products, which were sent to her from Lowry as an "olive branch."

"I would say that was extending an olive branch. What she chose to do with it after I sent it was up to her. I wasn't gonna be upset," Lowry said while appearing on the magazine's Watch With Us podcast. "I actually said, too, I'm like, 'She's probably gonna use this for target practice or light it on fire.' But at that point, it was her gift so I wasn't really upset about it."

According to Lowry, she and Evans used to be really close friends but when it comes to the future, Lowry doesn't believe there's much of a chance that they will be able to mend their relationship with one another. She also noted that she isn't too worried about making amends with her former friend.

"I don't really think about her on a day-to-day basis," Lowry said.

Speaking of Jenelle Evans and her controversial husband, David Eason, who Kailyn Lowry confirmed she would never again film with last week, Lowry went on to say that she believes both parties are "problems."

"I think there are two separate; they're both problems alone and they're also a problem together," she explained. "I just don't want to associate myself with either one of them, to be honest."

Lowry's comments about Evans and her husband came days after Evans told Us Weekly magazine that she doesn't like the person Lowry is. According to Evans, she could never get to a place where she could be open to the idea of being friends with Lowry because she's "not who she portrays on Instagram."

"I would say … You can never really trust her, and it doesn't seem like she keeps friends for too long anyway," Evans said.

To see more of Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, and their co-stars, don't miss the Teen Mom 2 Season 9 premiere on Monday, January 14 at 9 p.m. on MTV.