Giuliani Says Trump Will Not Answer Any More Questions From Mueller About Russian Investigation

The Trump administration is done with special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian meddling -- at least according to Rudy Giuliani. Trump's attorney has stated that the President will no longer be answering questions as part of Mueller's investigation, according to The Huffington Post.

Trump has already answered questions for Mueller during the course of his investigation, although he hasn't had a formal interview. Instead, the President submitted written answers to Mueller and his team back in late November. Mueller has since indicated that he would like to ask follow-up questions, but Giuliani and the rest of Trump's lawyers have said that their client will not respond to any further inquiries.

"As far as we're concerned, everything is over," Giuliani said in an interview with Reuters. "We weren't convinced they had any questions they don't know the answer to. They could try to subpoena him if they want. But they know we could fight that like hell."

Mueller's team has had no contact with Trump's lawyers since before Christmas. Mueller's spokesman Peter Carr declined to comment on the situation, or whether the special counsel was seeking to ask the President further questions during the course of the investigation.

Reports from multiple United States intelligence agents have confirmed that the 2016 presidential election was heavily influenced by Russian meddling. Most of the efforts were devoted to ensuring Donald Trump won the election.

Trump has repeatedly denied any involvement with the Russians. He maintains that he did nothing to interfere with the election, and was unaware of any outside influences.

Robert Mueller was brought in to the investigation back in May of 2017. He was tasked with determining the degree of Russian influence on the election, and whether or not there was any collusion with Trump's campaign team. The investigation is still ongoing -- and there appears to be no end in sight.

Although Trump did submit a series of written answers to Mueller's questions back in November, there were some topics he simply refused to address. Giuliani confirmed that Trump would not answer questions about obstructing justice while in office. This includes his controversial decision to fire FBI Director James Comey -- a move which is still highly contested by many.

For his part, Giuliani is calling for Mueller to end his investigation and finally show the results of his work.

"Put up or shut up," Giuliani said. "We challenge you to do it."

The final report will be ultimately submitted to the Justice Department. There is no word on whether or not the results will be released to the public.